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The "Lake of the Otters", in Mapudungun language, is a beautiful village located 13 kilometers west of Chonchi and just 6 km - 6 minutes by car - from Cabañas El Solitario. The town is of great patrimonial value, highlighting its church and its wharf as attractions. The wharf, which enters a few meters into Lake Huillinco, allows you to beautiful contemplation of the beautiful landscape.

Parque Nacional Chiloe

Located 30 minutes by car from Cabañas El Solitario is the Chiloé National Park  with 42,567 hectares of territory.
The park is the richest sector in the region in cultural heritage with emphasis on the historical, ethnographic, archaeological and paleontological. Adjacent to the park are Huiliche communities that keep their traditions and cultural heritage alive.